To Pay Fees

Fees Structure

The fee structure of 2020-21 academic years is as follows;
a. Admission fee - 5000
b. Caution Deposit – 10,000
c. Tuition fee - 500
d. Bus fee – 300 to 1500
e. Exam fee - 300
f. Extra Curricular Activity fee - 1300
g. Anniversary fee- 500-1500
h. PTA fund-500-2000
i. Computer fee- 100
j. Building fund – any amount
k. Special donations - any amount

Refund or cancelation

The School fees accepted through the site are ;
a. Admission fee
b. Caution Deposit
c. Tuition fee
d. Bus fee
e. Exam fee
f. Extra Curricular Activity fee
g. Anniversary fee
h. PTA fund
i. Computer fee
j. Building fund
k. Special donations

The sole authority rested upon us for any change in the fee structure. All the fees you are paying to school through this website are the school fees of your child. You should notify us within 24 hours of the payment through email to with a screenshot of the payment screen and inform us through the contact number provided in the website if you made a payment by mistake. We will consider the case and refund it if we found it is needed. All these fees except caution deposit are non refundable.