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Student Discipline

1 What would you do with a pupil who is daydreaming in your class all the time?
2 How would you handle a noisy class and maintain a good classroom climate?
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If appointed, I agree to accept my responsibilities as a member of the True Light English School.

1 To love God and all the members of True Light English School.
2 To seek after righteousness, practice love and justice in dealing with the management, co-workers and the students and to help those in need.
3 To refrain from practices known to be morally wrong by Biblical Standards such as stealing , the use of profane language, gossiping, all forms of dishonesty occult practices and sexual promiscuity.
4 To guard against attitudes such as greed jealousy, pride, lust, resentment, needless anger, unforgiving spirit, harmful discrimination and prejudice such as based on race, sex or socio-economic status.
5 To become familiar with and abide by the academic, social and spiritual regulations of True Light English School.